Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a cultural gatekeeper

In our class this week we read an article titled "Advertising Whiteness" by Angela Ka Ying Mak.
The article examined how images in ads can shape social values. Something that resonated with me from this article was how Mak said it is our duty (since I am a communication student) to educate consumers on how to become more visually literate.
“Visual literacy, therefore, must be taught in journalism and communication schools because the students are the ‘cultural gatekeepers’ in the future. If they do not have visual intelligence in looking at visual images, all of us would be controlled by the manipulative advertising messages from the large corporations.”

Not only can ads shape social values, but it can shape our self image."By knowing one's inner self better, it could unmask the beauty illusion and refocus the consumer's needs in other meaningful ways."
What I would like to take from this is to continue to do my best in order to play my part as a cultural gatekeeper!

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